How can I stop my face from Aging?


How can I reduce the speed of Skin Aging?

You can't stop aging. Yes, that is a fact because at some point everything depreciates and the same phenomena go with our skin. The only thing possible is you can reduce the speed at which your skin aging. Our skin age because of the deficit production of collagen which is basically a protein produced by our dermis to maintain elasticity and glow.

Even you should protect your skin from the sun as it can damage your dermis. Aging can make your skin look dull and gloomy and take away all the radiance. If your skin is getting dull even when your age is not above thirty then definitely there is nutrition lacking in your diet and your daily routine is not so good.

You shall take good care of your skin. Generally, women apply makeup to look better but those lotions and moisturizers are not so good to use and have harmful effects on your skin in the long run. Try not to use a lot of makeup and cleanse your skin inside out.

Once you are able to make your skin look good naturally there will be no need to apply any makeup and still, if you want to use then before sleep you must take all of that our of your skin to let it breathe. Our skin is made up of water and drinking water can make your skin glow naturally and make it free from acne. Apart from your skin water has so many other benefits as well so don't forget to drink at least three liters of water daily.

A healthy lifestyle to get rid off?

Obviously, it depends a lot on your lifestyle. If you are having a clean diet rich in nutrients then your skin is going to get a lot of benefits. Try not to eat junk and oily food as much as possible and workout daily. If not possible fairly then at least try to workout three to four days a week. If you workout daily your skin gets the proper amount of oxygen and as you sweat all the impurities of your skin are removed.

This is the best way to have a glowing and beautiful looking younger skin and it is also good for your overall health. Your skin is going to represent your lifestyle if you want to have good skin then you must have a good lifestyle.

Taking an adequate amount of sleep is also necessary to keep your skin young and beautiful. If you are unable to sleep properly because of your hectic schedule or anything else then you are going to have dark circles around your eyes and even your skin will not glow as it uses to be. It is very important to sleep at least six to seven hours daily to keep your skin healthy and get an ample amount of time to relax.

If you drink and smoke then, to be honest, you have to quit it. If it's not possible to quit then you should definitely do them less as alcohol and smoking affect your skin a lot. If you are drinking a lot then your skin is most likely to get dehydrated and your blood vessels will be dilated. Wrinkles are a common outcome for smoking as well. You shall avoid these things to reduce the signs of aging.

Try with retinoids and retinol which are very helpful to make your skin look younger and youthful. Have meals that are rich in antioxidants and peptides and eat fruits and vegetables daily.

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